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vizrm views

Using views to display different data-sets & color schemes on the chart and in the details section.

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In vizrm a view is a set of meta-data (aka fields) from your CRM that can be displayed on the chart, the side bar and mapped to colors. Further reading:

There are multiple pre-set Quick Views, personal My Views and company-wide Shared Views that can be defined by administrators and shared for all users of a vizrm account.

My Views

Your personal views are only available to yourself and you can create as many views as you like. One of the views can be set as your default view which will be applied whenever you load a new chart.

Shared Views

As an administrator you can share a view with the users of your vizrm account. For this select "Shared view" when creating or editing a view.

If you would like to define a view that is presented to any new users signing up, you also can set a "Shared Default View"

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