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How to configure which CRM data to display in a certain view on the org chart and in the details pane.

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Creating a new View

To create a new view, from the chart menu select views > create new view. Or from the settings select new.

You will need to provide a name for the view and you will have the option to select an existing view as a template: this will pre-set the existing configuration from the template for your new view.

Configuring the view

To edit an existing view for your org charts with data from the CRM, select the ⚙️ icon in the top right of the vizrm chart to open the view settings.

Chart Attributes

You can configure up to 3 attributes from your CRM on your vizrm chart for an individual view. The configuration allows you to select different fields for:

  • organizations

  • persons

Chart Colors

You can define a CRM field to drive the coloring of your contacts on the chart. There are three field types that can be used for coloring:

Chart Color Using Single Value Attributes

If selecting a single value attribute for coloring, each value has a defined color assigned that will be applied to each contact on the chart that holds this value for the selected attribute. Color mapping will be displayed in the legend on the chart.

Chart Color Using Numeric Attributes

If selecting a numeric value attribute for coloring, you can define the color for the minimum and maximum values of this attribute. The contacts on the chart will be colored with the corresponding gradient between these that matches the contact's attribute value.

Chart Color Using Multi-Value Attributes

If selecting a multi-value attribute for coloring, you can define a concrete color for each option of the attribute.
Multi-value attributes are displayed as "labels" on the chart if this field is configured in the chart view. They are colored according to the color mapping you define.

Note: if you do not choose to display the attribute as part of your chart view, it will not be displayed, although you may have defined a color mapping for the attribute.

Sidebar Attributes

You can configure up to 10 attributes from your CRM on your vizrm sidebar. The configuration pane allows you to select different fields for:

  • organizations

  • persons

Supported Pipedrive Field Types

Pipedrive allows for different field types in custom fields. Vizrm supports currently the following field types:

  • Text

  • Autocomplete

  • Large Text

  • Numerical

  • Monetary

  • Single Options

  • Multiple Options

  • Time

  • Date

  • Address

  • Phone

If your custom field is of one of the following types, it will not be displayed in vizrm:

  • Date Range

  • Time Range

Collapse Options

The default setting to callapse persons and organizations on the vizrm chart usiong the (+) and (-) icons below chart objects is to collapse and expand all levels below the object like this:

This behavior can be changed in the the view settings under ⚙️ > General to collapse and expand level by level like this:

Re-Name & Delete views

You can change a views name or delete a view via the ... menu in the view settings:

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