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Deal filters

Displaying deals, deal participants and running reports on contacts' deal value.

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In vizrm you can filter your Org-Chart by the participants of a deal. Thereby gaining information about the engaged stakeholders on a particular decision and informing your strategy / next steps to widening your network / influence.

Deal Participants in Pipedrive

In Pipedrive you can add participants to any deal. Thereby mapping the involved stakeholder on a deal.

Deal Participants in vizrm

In vizrm you find all open deals associated with an organization on the sidebar under the tab "deals".

Display deal participants on the vizrm chart

You can click a deal to filter the chart displaying the participants of the deal maximized while all other persons on the chart are only shown as icon/picture.

Remove a deal filter form the chart

You can remove a deal filter by clicking the X on the top right of the deal in the sidebar on the left.

Add a person to a deal

When the chart is filtered for a deal, you can add a person to this deal from the person-context menu:

Remove a person from a deal

When the chart is filtered for a deal, you can remove a person from this deal:

Deal value heat map

If you have assigned deals to an org-chart in vizrm you can run a heatmap report that summarizes the values of all open deals a person is related to on the chart.

Thereby giving you a fast overview of the most focal & valuable contacts in the account.

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