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Types of Related Organizations

Learn how different types of related organizations work in Pipedrive and vizrm.

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Pipedrive features 3 different types of related organizations. These relationships are automatically synchronized with vizrm in both ways. The screenshot below shows an example of an organization in Pipedrive and vizrm with one of each relationship types:

  1. Parent/daughter (green) - a company's parent is shown on the vizrm org-chart above and the daughter organizations are shown below.

  2. Sister (blue) - sister companies are shown on the org chart on the same level

  3. Related (yellow) - related organizations are shown in the sidebar in vizrm as these do not have a hierarchical relationship.

Tipp: To see related organizations navigate to an organization record in Pipedrive. If you can't see related organizations on the sidebar section, you can enable it as shown below.

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